In Kürze werden wir euch hier die neuen fantastischen Yoga Reisen für 2021 vorstellen. 

Sunday, July 12, 2020 2:00 pm                              Sunday, July 19, 2020 12:00 pm

Yoga Styles: Chakra Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Ecstatic Dance

Skill level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Language: German, on request English

Special Events: Ecstatic Dance, Spirit Fire Circle, Cooking & Baking Workshops


UNTIL 31 OF MARCH € 1.110,- THEN € 1.220,-

Your summer retreat infused with Chakra Vinyasa Flow, Meditation & Restorative Yoga. Enhanced with delicious food and inspiring cooking classes by plant based Chef and Nutritionist Daniel Reiter. 

If your ideal getaway includes holding a side plank with one hand while the other holds a delicious banana bread. This is a retreat that combines movement and soul food. Healthy plant based meals and challenging as well as relaxed yoga and meditation sessions are on the daily menu. 

It doesn’t matter who you are, how much experience you have, if you are defining yourself as tight or open, strong or weak, old or young – at our summer flow retreat you will come home to yourself. 



An awareness-based practice that includes dynamic as well as relaxing asanas, breath work and meditation for health and awakening. A week filled with magical mornings of meditation and a powerful yoga practice. Evenings covered with relaxed restorative and yin sessions, lots of breath work and empowering meditations. Give yourself time and space to explore, ask bigger questions, and receive answers that reach into the depth of your being. Are you ready for a journey to explore the energy centers in your body and allow yourself to grow physically, mentally and spiritually? 



Throughout your stay you'll be served delicious and well-balanced healthy and organic plant-based food perfectly matched for each chakra. Feel nourished and at the same time light enough to focus on your inner self. With easy to follow-up cooking tips and tricks you'll learn how to integrate healthy food into your day to day life. Full board for the whole week includes a balanced breakfast, a good-to-go lunch and a delightful dinner as well as three different cooking workshops to show you the great world of plant based cuisine.

Are you ready for a culinary journey? 



This peaceful guest house and art center just outside of Torekov is the perfect location to unplug and relax from your day to day life. Experience relaxation pure and simple in a rustic, countryside accommodation where connecting with yourself and nature are considered an activity. Torekov is situated on the western tip of the Bjäre Peninsula and is known as one of Sweden’s most beautiful and popular travel destinations. During the bustling summer months, it is a hot spot for activities, social gatherings, leisure and fine dining, golfing, sailing, biking, hiking along Skåneleden or around Hovs Hallar, swimming and/or simply relaxing. The area’s closest island Hallands Väderö, with its clear blue water, naked cliffs, curious seals and amazing bird-life, is a very popular destination for day trips on the local ferry. 

Find out more about the accommodation here.


Andrea is an energetic Vinyasa Flow teacher and Nutritionist spreading joy through yoga and healthy food. Teaching from her heart, she believes in supporting and guiding her students to unveil their fullest potential. Based in vibrant Vienna, Andrea has travelled the world to learn from different teaching techniques in Costa Rica, New Orleans, San Francisco, Bali and London. At the moment Andrea teaches with a special interest in Chakra Vinyasa Flow and is absolutely committed to a balance of active asanas, breath work, restorative practices and meditation. 

"Andrea is a wonderful yoga teacher, who always spreads joy and motivation with her warm and relaxed manner. Her classes combine everything that define a really good yoga class for me. The sessions are creative, challenging and at the same time, there is always enough time for more relaxing asanas." 


Daniel is a passionate and educated plant based Chef and Nutritionist. He wants to bring his students closer to the necessary techniques, the proper handling with Ingredients and the beauty of culinary arts. He lives and works in Vienna, has cooked in lively Berlin, Munich and Bali and is always open for new destinations. Daniel provides a broad knowledge of classic food, patisserie and the right preparation of raw food. The difference is in the detail. He loves the down-to-earth kitchen, but also blooms perfectly with fine dining. 

“Compared to other vegan chefs, Daniel has an easy and at the same time tasty way to cook. During his course, he taught us how easy it is to balance a dish and work with raw ingredients. He encouraged us to taste our food while preparing, so we can understand how it's changing during the cooking process. I remember there's was an amazing song coming up on his playlist, and he didn't hold back and just started a little dance. Who could not join such a motivating and happy chef.

So we all danced.”



12. July - Sunday:

02:00-04:00 pm: Settle into rooms & meet other guests

05:00-07:00 pm: Chakra Yoga Introduction and Weekly Schedule Update

07:00 pm: Three course dinner & relax


13. July - Monday:

07:00 - 08:30 am: Chakra Yoga Flow Muladhara

09:00 -10:00 am: Delicious Breakfast

10:00 am - 02:00 pm: Lunch to go or at the house

10:00 am - 05:00 pm: Free time/optional Art Center - Clay & Pottery Workshop

05:00-06:30 pm: Chakra Yoga Yin & Meditation Muladhara

07:00 pm: Dinner & relax


14. July - Tuesday:

07:00-08:30 am: Chakra Yoga Flow Svadhistana

09:30 am -12:30 pm: Brunch Cooking Workshop with Chef Daniel

12:30 pm - 05:00 pm: Free Time for relaxing or excursions

05:00-07:00 pm: Ecstatic Dance & Chakra Yoga Yin Svadhistana

07:30 pm: Dinner & relax


15. July - Wednesday:

07:00-08:30 am: Chakra Yoga Flow Manipura

09:00-10:00 am: Nutritious Breakfast

10:00 am - 02:00 pm: Lunch to go or at the house

10:00 am - 03:00 pm: Free time for relaxing or excursions

05:00-06:30 pm: Chakra Yoga Yin & Meditation Manipura

07:00 pm: Dinner Workshop with Chef Daniel


16. July - Thursday:

07:00-09:30 am: Chakra Yoga Flow Anahata + Yin & Meditation Anahata

10:00-11:00 am: Yummy Breakfast

11:00-03:00 pm: Swimming/Free Time

10:00 am - 02:00 pm: Lunch to go or at the house

05:00-07:30 pm: Chakra Yoga Flow + Yin & Meditation Vishudda

07:30 pm: Dinner in Torekov Town (not included)


17. July - Friday:

07:00-08:30 am: Chakra Yoga Flow Ajna

09:00-10:00 am: Yummy Breakfast

10:00 am - 01:00 pm: Free time for relaxing or excursions

01:00 am - 04:00 pm: Baking Workshop with Chef Daniel

05:00-06:30 pm: Chakra Yoga Yin & Meditation Ajna

07:00 pm: Dinner & relax


18. July - Saturday:

07:00-08:30 am: Chakra Yoga Flow Sahasrara

09:00-10:00 am: Breakfast

10:00 am - 02:00 pm: Lunch to go or at the house

11:00 am - 03:00 pm: Robbensafari/ Free Time

05:00-06:30 pm: Chakra Yoga Yin & Meditation Sahasrara

07:00 pm: Dinner & relax

10:00 pm: Spirit Fire Circle


19. July - Sunday:

08:00-10:00 Breakfast and Departure by 12 pm



You will arrive at the beautiful Torekov guesthouse in the afternoon, enjoy a welcome drink, eat delicious snacks and settle into your rooms. Before dinner we will head over to the yoga room to get ready for our intro talk.

During this session, you will learn about the different energy centers (chakras) in your physical and energetic body and how yoga & meditation benefits these areas. So you can diagnose chakra imbalances and work towards healing them.

Enjoy the end of the evening over a delicious three-course welcome dinner.


During the second day, you will enjoy a pre-breakfast chakra yoga session, looking out at the beautiful swedish landscape. Breakfast will be followed by some freetime for explore Torekov or to head over to the on-site Art Center to get creative and work with some Clay & Pottery. At 5 pm we meet back for our grounding meditation at the yoga room. Enjoy the rest of the evening over a delicious dinner by our wonderful Chef Daniel. 

Chakra of the Day- Muladhara: Your root chakra directly influences your finances, work, family, and home life. A balanced root chakra will manifest itself as overall good health, feeling grounded and being comfortable in your own body. People with a balanced root chakra often have high vitality, an ability to relax, strong stability and prosperity. Postures like tree and mountain pose leave you feeling grounded and balance the root chakra, to boost your health, strengthen your sense of security, and increase your trust in the flow of prosperity. 



You will enjoy a morning Chakra Yoga session followed by a brunch workshop with Chef Daniel. In the afternoon you'll have plenty of free time to explore the countryside. We'll meet back at the yoga room for our afternoon restorative yoga & meditation session infused by a vibrant ecstatic dance session and a lovely dinner at the house.


Chakra of the Day - Svadhisthana: Finding what brings you pleasure. Your Sacral Chakra is linked to fertility, creativity and fluidity. A balanced Sacral Chakra will manifest itself as high emotional intelligence, graceful movements, the ability to experience pleasure and have healthy boundaries. It can also be seen as nurturance towards self and towards others and having the ability to change easily. Yoga movements that open the hips and relax the pelvis encourage the flow of positive energy. At the same time negative energy will be released in the tender area of the second chakra. 

*SPECIAL Brunch Cooking Workshop - Breakfast Soul Food to the fullest! 

After a little refreshment, you will prepare delicious classic's such as tofu scramble, tempeh benedict as well as banana and sourdough bread. Together we dive deeper into the processing of plant and nut milk, prepare delicious spicy and sweet paste. Yum - what a feast! 

*SPECIAL Ecstatic Dance: 

Ecstatic Dance is a form of meditation in motion. Follow your inner impulses, experience joy, lightness and dance freely and creatively. Come into the 'flow' and let yourself be carried by the group and the music. Because inside we find the peace from which we can draw strength for everyday life. Celebrate your body and your being. Enjoy the movement.

Be free and let go. 



During the fourth day, you will enjoy an energizing pre-breakfast yoga session at the outside terrasse. Before we start with our second chakra class in the late afternoon you will have plenty of time to relax back at the house, ride your bikes, go for a hike or explore. In the late afternoon Daniel will surprise you with his amazing cooking skills and knowledge. You will be guided through a vegan cooking class full of power so you can prepare your own delicious vegan food. Enjoy and relax the rest of the evening over your homemade delicious dinner made from scratch. 

Chakra of the Day - Manipura: A balanced Solar Plexus Chakra will manifest itself in a warmth of personality, playfulness, spontaneity, a good sense of humor, good self- esteem and a balanced ego. Working with poses like Plank, Warrior III, Bow Pose, Revolved Triangle and Cobra will balance the energy centre and have an uplifting effect on our entire sense of happiness and well- being. 

*SPECIAL: Fancy Fine Dining-Workshop 

This fine dining workshop will take you to another culinary level. You will prepare a delightful three-course meal and at the same time learn the most important techniques on how to pair different food groups and structure your dish. You and everyone else will get the opportunity to make their plates beautiful. So let's see who arranges the most beautiful plate. 



You will enjoy a pre-yoga energy shot before the first yoga class followed by a nutritious breakfast. Today you'll have plenty of time to relax and possibly go for a swim in the afternoon. Before dinner we will head over to the yoga room to get ready for a combined activating yoga sessions followed by restorative yoga and meditation to open up the throat. The evening will end with a not included dinner outside of the house. 


Chakras of the Day - Anahata & Vishuddha: 

Anahata: A balanced Heart Chakra usually manifests itself in self-love, compassion, and inner peace. Yoga poses to expand the Heart Chakra usually includes shoulder openers, passive chest openers, arms positions and backbends. Empowering us with the ability to surrender and let go with trust, practicing the yoga poses like Camel Pose, Full Wheel, Bridge and Upward-Facing Dog. 

Vishuddha: People with a balanced Throat Chakra usually have a resonant voice and/or a good sense of timing and rhythm. They are good listeners, communicate clearly and live creative lives. The following poses move the neck into extension and flexion: Cat-Cow with Lion’s Breath, Halasana, Shoulderstand and Fish Pose. 


The sixth day, will surprise you with a more relaxed and meditative pre-breakfast yoga session outside. Before we start with our yin & meditation class in the late afternoon you will have plenty of time to relax back at the house or explore the area. In the early afternoon Daniel will surprise you with another baking session. You will be guided through a plant based baking class full of food that calms you an draws your focus more inside. After your Chakra Yoga Yin & Meditation Ajna you have time to enjoy and relax the rest of the evening over your delicious homemade dinner. 

Chakra of the Day - Ajna: Those who have a balanced Third Eye Chakra are usually intuitive, perceptive, imaginative, are able to think symbolically and can easily visualize. They also have a good memory and a high capacity to recall their dreams. To keep this chakra in balance you can incorporate the following gentle asanas into your practice: Child's pose with forehead pressed to the floor, Ardha Uttanasana - Half standing forward bend, Pyramid Pose, Seated Forward Bend. 

*SPECIAL Baking Workshop 

A hands-on workshop will guide you through an introduction to raw vegan baking and the basics of classic dough and pastries. During three hours of indulgence you will gain knowledge about the necessary equipment and the most important key ingredients. Learn how to prepare and bake vegan sweets like a pro with natural and healthy ingredients. And of course you'll taste them after your yoga session. 


On the last full day, will start with an energetic flow to prepare for headstand, followed by another yummy breakfast. Before we start with our super relaxed yin & meditation class inspired by yoga nidra you will have plenty of time to do you own thing or join us for a seal safari. Dinner will be followed by spirit fire circle to help you digest this whole week of self exploration so you can set intentions for the time after your mindfulness retreat. 


Chakra of the Day - Sahasrara: Those who have a balanced Crown Chakra usually have a strong ability to perceive, analyze, assimilate and question information. They are intelligent, thoughtful, aware, open-minded, spiritually connected and wise. As we move up the ladder, the higher chakras are more affected by mediation and inner work rather than physical work. Some basic asanas are half lotus, tree pose merged with an advanced pose, Savasana, Sirsasana (Headstand), which is the most effective pose to stimulate the Crown Area. 


*SPECIAL Spirit Fire Circle:


 Fire can be used to enhance your spiritual practice or support you by helping you purify and set intentions in your own life. Many personal fire rituals are based on the ancient ceremonies handed down through the ages, in all cultures. Fire is passion. Fire is creation. Fire is change. Fire is transformation. Are you ready to give all that is no longer useful for you to the purifying fire? Enter into the circle of fire. Join the transformation and allow the fire circle to rebirth you like a phoenix from the ashes of the old. 



Enjoy a last get together breakfast and hug all your new friends goodbye. Departure until 12 pm.


Early Bird - Full price per person € 1.110,- (includes the cost for accommodation, food and yoga, cooking workshops and special events) after 31 of March € 1.220,-

Not included: flight to and from Copenhagen (now prices are really good - book early) and train ride for 1 hour 45 minutes to and from Torekov to Copenhagen (around 215 SEK - around 20 € per ride). Trains are operating every hour until 9 pm every day. At the airport in Copenhagen is the train station where they can help you with your ticket!

  • Fee for yoga, special events, food and cooking workshops (already included in the full price): € 750,- per person (to pay via transfer in advance - more information about the payment will be revealed upon the booking request)

  • Costs for accommodation (already included in the full price): 3.730 SEK (about 360 €) to pay on-site at the guesthouse)

  • Optional Extras on-site: Clay & Pottery workshop (2-3 hours, 500 SEK per person) pay on-site

  • Cancellation Policy: A reservation requires the payment of 750 € for food and yoga in advance via bank transfer - For cancellations up to 12 weeks prior to the start of the retreat a refund of the entire fee of 750 € is possible, for cancellations up to 8 weeks prior to the start, 50% of the retreat fee will be refunded, thereafter the retreat fee will be charged fully, unless a replacement participant is found.

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